New “Measurement and Control Show Online Plus“


Real plus online event.
We are launching a new service: Our hybrid exposition, "Measurement and Control Show Online Plus."

  • The Measurement and Control Show 2020 OSAKA will be launching its "Measurement and Control Show Online Plus" service. This hybrid exposition through our online plus real event will continue to send out information for roughly two months after the physical event closes. This marriage of the tangible feel of the real event and convenience of the online format offers audiences opportunities to gather an extensive range of in-depth information.
  • Event timetable(scheduled)
    Wed, Oct 21, 2020 thru Fri, Oct 23
    Fri, Nov 6, 2020 thru Sat, Jan 16, 2021

    *Service contents are subject to change. Please visit our official web site for the latest information.
  • Services offered (planned)
    "We would like to visit some of the seminars that we missed at the Measurement and Control Show.“
    On-demand seminars
    "We won't be able to actually visit the Measurement and Control Show but are looking for information on new products and technologies.“
    View demonstration videos
    "We will be purchasing or have plans to purchase a product and would like to have an efficient way to compare different products.“
    Download information documents
    "We are interested in a particular technology and would like to have an in-depth discussion about it.“
    Application form for discussing business

Details "Measurement and Control Show Online Plus." will be announced on this website.

For those who have pre-registered for the event, you will be notified of the latest news including on-demand seminars, so please register now.


  • 計測展2020 OSAKAは、「計測展オンライン・プラス」を開始します。リアル開催+オンラインによるハイブリッド型展示会として、会期後も約2か月にわたり情報発信を行います。リアルの肌触りとオンラインの利便性の融合で、広く深い情報収集の機会を皆様に提供いたします。
  • 会期(予定)

  • 提供サービス(予定)



An industry-government-academia collaboration project that brings together promising seeds


Trilogy has its sights set on the world.
Greatly expanded Industry-government-academia collaborative programs packed with the unique characters of Kansai and the Osaka area

We will be highlighting and evolving the appeal of Kansai and the Osaka area through the integration of industry, government, and academia, which has become a tradition and hallmark of the Measurement and Control Show. In particular, government agencies will be putting on exhibits on an unprecedented scale, featuring bureau chiefs giving keynote speeches and special lectures on government policies and their expectations for industry's push to move on to the next phase as they gear up for the economic restart. Visitors will also be treated to a special symposium sponsored by the Kansai branch of the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, as well as a first-time collaborative presentations and a variety of exhibits and conferences presented by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Osaka University, and organizations involved in robotics, startups who specialize in monodzukuri, etc.



パネルディスカッション「SDGs for Africa」

[日時] 10月23日(金)12:00~14:00  [会場]10階・1003会議室

貧困や飢餓の撲滅、再生可能エネルギーの普及、気候変動への対策―― 。


神戸情報大学院大学 教授
NSENDA LULUMWENA 氏(コンゴ民主共和国 出身)